Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson Verdict

I am sure that we have all heard, by now. Michael Jackson, not guilty on all counts. ALL counts. Even the lesser ones.

The jury could have decided to convict him on any one, or all, of the counts. He was found guilty of none.

Sure, the jokes will fly about not being able to get a conviction in California, but it makes you think. That jury could have gone either way, they chose not guilty.

Call Jackson a freak, weirdo, wacko... whatever you want. That is not why he was on trial. Make jokes, if you must. Being a nut is not against the law, nor should it be. Our country was founded by oddballs. People that went against the norm, whatever "the norm" is. We could, all, cite many examples.

The bottom-line, if you must have a bottom-line, is...

Tonight, like you, Michael Jackson is, still, a free American.


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