Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Friend, Duffy (Click for link)

I am afraid that I must, again, acknoweldge the passing of an old friend.

Many of you will remember "Duffy" Spears. He worked, with me, at Z-98, here in Baton Rouge, back in the '80s, and early 90s. That was the days of Michael Adams, Scotty Drake and J.J. Stone. Before that he had been at Kajun 103 using the name Jeff Davis.

I can not think of the first "Gulf War" and not think of Duffy. He knew all about the various weapons and armaments that were used (and this was in the days before any of us knew about the internet) and always had a comment on the CNN coverage. In those days, remember, we only had CNN as the 24-hour news channel. Duffy, Scotty Drake, and I kept up with all the goings-on and would watch the coverage on the newsroom TV, when we had nothing else to do. Sometimes we washed the station van.

That was the same TV that we used to watch Corey and Kianna and all of the other Body Shaping girls.

I remember visiting Duff, when he lived in an apartment off of Stumberg Lane. He always had a bottle of Jack Daniels and his trusty .45 nearby.

Duffy moved away, to Florida, years ago, but I will always remember his wry smile and quick, sometimes biting, wit.

Once upon a time, Duffy, J.J., Scotty and I took the station van to an LSU - Texas A. and M. football game. We lost a very drunk Duffy somewhere in the 3rd quarter, only to find him much later, as he was walking down Nicholson Drive, headed back to the radio station, on Government Street. What a night that was.
Duffy died from cancer in Beaumont, Texas on Wednesday, May 25th, 2005. He was buried, in Beaumont, the following Sunday. Click the link, at the top of this writing, for Duffy's obituary.

See 'ya dude.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I'd known him!


6/10/2005 05:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin for letting us know a little about a delightful man.


6/11/2005 06:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am very sad today to have learned about the loss of Duffy. I met Duff in Dallas, TX where he and I attended Elkins, remember the days when you could get a prime gig with a 1st classticket? We partied hard because we could and then we both had a full head of "Frampton" hair. I next bumped into Duff in Alexandria, LA where we shared an apartment, We both survived, barely. Then again I worked with Duff in Baton Rouge at Kajun 103, I also did afternoons at WYNK back in the day of RD Mcgregor (back when radio was real fun!) Many days I have wondered about Duff and remembered the times of going to rock bars to inpress the gals with our guitar talents ha! Crossing Inwood Drive in Dallas after spending the evening watching Nitzinger at the Binary Star with quarter Tequila shots, sometimes we didn't make it across so we just slept on the benches in the median, if we didn't happen to fall off onto the ground. Then their was the time Larry "THE MADDOG" Rusk took us riding in his van through Alexandria, Of course Larry drove with his feet while sitting out of the sunroof waving at the adoring fans. Ironically I am now working within a few miles of Duff's last gig in Ft Meyers, so the next time I visit the beach maybe our spirits will be together again.


Alan Jeffries aka A.J.

12/09/2008 09:02:00 AM  
Blogger Ediporter said...

I went looking for Duffy having learned 1.04.08 that the aforementioned "Mad Dog," a.k.a. Larry Russ, died earlier that day. LR and Duffy were indirectly of sponsible for my losing about 12 year of wage earning. They were working in Monroe, LA (at KNOE FM and AM, respectively) and we started running the roads together. They said I should try radio: "You've got a good voice, a decent personality and it's a great way to meet chicks," Duffy said. I was off to Elkins and spent most of the next 12 years doing the radio thing. Sorry to learn they're both gone now.

1/06/2009 03:37:00 PM  

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