Saturday, August 06, 2005

Cool, Man!

On-the-air at WJBO in 1979. (Click pic to enlarge)

This would have been around the same time that Marc Truelove and Rex Russell were doing the morning show, I was on in the mid-day, Gary King in the afternoon and Julie Tate at night. Overnight we ran The Larry King Show, from Washington. This studio was right, slap in the middle of the 1st-floor at the studios on Florida Boulevard, downtown.
At that time all operations were on that floor, on the 2nd-floor were dusty, empty rooms that were once WJBO, going way back into the 30s.
Lots of ghosts, up there.
We only had two stations, in those days, WJBO and WFMF. Today, in the Xerox Building, we have six!


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